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Website Design Guide for Businesses

Website Design Guide for Businesses

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Website design will help through the process of conceptualizing, planning and arranging the content. Designing a website goes beyond aesthetics and includes the website’s overall functionality. The website design includes mobile apps, web apps and user interface designs.

Do you know that web design can have an impact on your performance in search engines like Google. Want to develop a website design that can help create a stunning business? Here are a few tips that will help you design the best website for your business.

The first and foremost thing that can help your website is to access powerful design features.

Find inspiration

Designers look for inspiration to allow their creative juices flowing. 



Site inspire

Choose a web design tool

There are two ways to design a website. Whether you use a desktop app or a website builder. The tool you choose will help you decide the size of your team, budget and the kind of website you wish to build based on the technical requirements.

Desktop Apps

Desktop apps require website designers to create designs and send it to the development team who can easily convert the design to code. The most popular desktop apps are photoshop and sketch.

This is the standard for large and complex websites as it helps the designer to concentrate on the overall look and feel. The process can be a bit time consuming and expensive as there are multiple sources and team members that are needed.

Website Builders

 There are plenty of website builders such as Wix, PageCloud and Webflow. These popular website builders vary in design capabilities, price, template options and the editing experience. It is important that you do your research, experiment using free trials and decide which platform fits your needs.

Website builders create responsive websites which offer building experiences. In case you don’t know how to code, you should become familiar with the limitations of different design tools.  Although you can create a website using wordpress, it is not easily customized and has quite a few customization options. 

Website Design Elements

There are quite a few things to consider. From color scheme, graphics, images and easy to navigate interface there are plenty of website design elements. The text should be well written and well placed. The website’s performance refers to the searchability, ranking, speed and the ability to capture your audience.

Visual Elements

There are visual elements in a website which you should consider when designing your site. Each section provides tips to help you get started.

Written Copy

The appearance of your website and text go hand in hand. It is important that the designers and writers work together to get the best design with elements that are balanced. Create chunks of text so that you can compliment the images and graphics.


Choose a font that compliments the overall design. It should pair with your color scheme, images, graphics and strengthen the tone of the website.


It is important that you can arrange your content so that you can have an impact on the usability and functionality of your website. There are no rules to follow when choosing a particular layout. Make sure to consider the needs of your target audience and avoid using a layout that is too crowded or you would be easily distracted from the messages you plan to convey.


Colors are important elements to consider when designing a website. It is important to focus on colors that compliment the overall design and tone of the website. Align your color scheme with your brand and the messages you want to convey.


Spacing is an element so that you can create a website that is not only easy to navigate. The appropriate use of white space can help create a design that balances text, photos and graphics. Keep the space consistent so that users navigate your website with ease. Whitespace is a priority of web designers.


There are designs that can communicate a lot of information. It is made possible with the use of plenty of images and icons. Choose images that can support your message clearly. A quick google search will help generate thousands of options. In order to simplify your search, you must go for a few favorites like Pexels, and Shutterstock.

Functional Elements


User Interactions


Site Structure


Nobody likes a slow website. When you have to wait to let the website load, it will quickly deter the visitor from returning to your website. If the site doesn’t load quickly, they won’t rank high on Google. Top website builders can compress your content for faster load times. Make sure to research which site builder will work best for you.

Cross Browser Compatibility

A great design must look polished on all devices and browsers. If you are building your website from scratch, you should use a cross browser testing tool so that the process becomes smoother, faster and efficient. When you are using a website building platform, the cross browser testing is taken care of by the company’s development team which allows you to focus on design.

These are the ways website is beautifully designed for businesses.