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Cheap SEO Solutions for Business Websites

Cheap SEO Solutions for Business Websites

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Why Should Small Businesses Invest in SEO?

If you are a small business who is looking for affordable SEO services you are an entrepreneur. Why do you plan to choose SEO as a marketing professional? The main reason why SEO is important for small businesses is that you can invest both time and money to make it more profitable. 

SEO will help your business rank higher and perform better than the competition.

Cheap SEO Solutions for Your Small Business

It is difficult to understand what kind of SEO services a business needs as it differs from one business to another. Is it a writing company? Do you have a clothing business that you run on a small scale? Does your business lack quality in content and promotion? Do you offer services such as blogging, plumbing or consulting?

Quality websites are quite easy to build using content management systems. When the website is live, and with quality content it is not enough. You must know how to promote it to show Google how valuable it is.

Types of Affordable SEO Services

There are various categories in SEO for small businesses

Technical SEO

It is in general a one-time fix. While you have to change things from time to time, if you set things correctly, they will last for long.

Here are the top technical issues that small businesses should focus on in their marketing strategy.

URL Site Structure: While you can do this on your own, it is a good idea to ask an SEO consultant for advice. You want to get it right from the beginning to avoid issues in the future. This will help you save a lot of money. Search a good URL for the best website.

Image: It is the biggest problem when it comes to solving technical issues and load times. In a lot of cases, it can be done for free with tools like Smush for WordPress. There are a lot of free plugins available for other platforms. 

Structured Data: This is the last thing you should focus on when it comes to dealing with small businesses. In some cases, it can have a good impact. You must not focus on this technical aspect. Instead, you must realize that quality content and promotion is quite important.

These are the tools that will make sure you don’t spend a lot of money on technical SEO issues:

Xenu Link Sleuth: It is a free tool that helps you to go through your website and identify the missing title tags. This can help you quickly to map the titles to URLs especially if you can rewrite your titles so that you can improve the on-page SEO. 

CognitiveSEO Tool Set: It can help you with complex issues like the structure of the website. Instead of analyzing everything on a page-by-page basis, you can take advantage of the APIs so that you can analyze the entire website.

WordPress: WordPress gives you a website so that you don’t have to go to web designers as they are quite expensive. You can find a variety of free templates on WordPress through which you can earn quite a lot of money. This is a sure-shot recipe for success especially when it comes to developing an SEO-friendly website. 

GT Metrix: It tells you about a variety of technical SEO issues your website has. You can fix large images and cache through GT Metrix.

Affordable services for Content Marketing:

Keyword research, copywriting and maintaining an editorial calendar are ideal when it comes to content marketing.

There are ways to do word searches that can help you set the boundaries in content marketing. Through keyword research, you can identify what exactly people are searching for. This will help you draft the content accordingly and, in an SEO, friendly way.

Copywriting isn’t cheap, it is worth investing in. Good copy sells as that is what exactly you need on your website. Through an effective content strategy, you can present information that actually sells. 

Editorial Calendar is another effective way of developing a schedule and moving things with ease. It is based on keyword research but through the calendar you can identify which blog or article is the most important one so that you can cater to it first.

Here are some tools that can help you find keywords and develop a better content strategy:

Keyword Planner: The Google autosuggest tool can help you find out what people are searching for on the web in real-time. 

Cognitive SEO: It is a tool that helps you improve Google rankings, especially when you change your content a little bit. This tool helps you get a list of keywords that you can use in your content to improve your website’s ranking in Google. When you type the topic of your essay, the tool will give you a list of keywords that you can use in your essay. Find out the important keywords in the topic of your subject so that you can address it in your page.

Link Building: Building links is a hard job. You can’t get links without money and even Google will penalize you for it. You can analyze the competitor’s links, especially those ranking high in search results. How can you improve your SEO rankings? There is another tool by the name of CognitiveSEO Backlink which can identify the backlinks the competitors are using to rank high. You may use the link detection method that can help you filter bad links. This is for competitive analysis to understand your position. 

Commenting on Blog Posts: Some people consider this a spam method. However, it isn’t. Be casual when conversing with a blogger. It is as if you are chatting with a blogger online. Just like you would engage with a blogger on social media you can ask them to write a guest post for you.

Guest Posting: Guest posts are obtained through direct contact with bloggers who can write articles for other websites. What difference will they make? Through guest posting, you can easily link back to your website. The question is how will you identify a blogger who can write blogs for you. You can find a blogger through blog commenting.

Reddit: Through Reddit you can find new topics in your domain. Don’t add links to your website or else you will be banned quickly. First, build your profile by answering threads. You must look at subreddits that can become relevant to your niche.

Building Links: There is a compelling link reclamation tool where you can build white hat links of high value. The broken pages might sound familiar to you but this is how you can build links and create value in content.

These are the ways you can find SEO solutions for your business website. Make sure to add value and create valuable content that can help market your website in the best possible way!