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Best Businesses to Start in 2023

Best Businesses to Start in 2023

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Are you considering quitting your 9 to 5 job or starting a side business? Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to start or have great ideas. We have compiled a list of profitable businesses with minimum investment.


A dropshipping website promotes items that are not in stock. Instead, it has an agreement with a distributor who will accept your orders and mail them on your behalf to your customers. This reduces the inventory cost and increases the number of things a business owner may market and sell.

To begin a dropshipping business, you must first establish contacts with drop shippers. Large corporations do this with thousands of products, such as Oberlo and Alibaba. You’ll also need to build a website to showcase the merchandise. If you require help setting up a website, getting started may cost you $500 to $1,000.

Dropshipping is an excellent method for testing product-market fit and launching a business before investing in your original products. Just make sure to get a sample for yourself to ensure that your supplier is trustworthy and that the product quality is suitable for selling to your consumers.

Event Coordinator

The events industry is advantageous if you want to assist in making a special day as memorable as possible. Those in charge of organizing these events should be well-connected, detail-oriented, and well-organized. It helps to be creative to create new and intriguing ideas for your clients.

If you wish to concentrate on weddings, be prepared to assist with every part of the event, from the décor and location to the entertainment and cuisine. While no licensing or certificates are required, you should have a Rolodex of specialists who can fulfill specific responsibilities during the event.


Becoming a tutor requires no qualification, but you should be an expert. If you are a pro in any specific area, you may help students suffering in their coursework by becoming a tutor. A tutor usually has a college degree in the subject they are tutoring.

To broaden your target market, you can teach in person or online. You might consider purchasing some teaching aid software like Canvas or Blackboard. These will allow you to communicate with online pupils more successfully. You can join a tutoring site that brings clients to you, such as BuffTutor.

You can also give music or voice lessons. Depending on your situation, you can either set up a studio in your home or travel to your client’s homes. Because of the versatility, the options are limitless.

Life Consultant

A life coach assists people in navigating challenging situations in their lives. Coaching may be used to help with parenting, relationships, or other difficult life transitions. A life consultant has a lot of experience and may use that experience to help people effectively navigate their difficulties and roadblocks.

While a certification is not necessary to become a life coach, it helps legitimize your work. Certification can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000, depending on where you receive it. The International Coach Federation charges $995 for a three-day approved program.

College Advisor

Parents will give their all to ensure that their children attend the college of their choice. Hiring a college consultant to help them prepare for standardized tests, revise personal statements, and navigate the world of financial assistance and scholarships is part of this.

As a college consultant, you have little to no overhead. Don’t worry. A computer that’s online is all you need. While no qualifications are necessary, the Heartland Institute College Consultant Certification can help you gain credibility in a competitive environment.

Virtual Assistant 

Corporate executives increasingly use virtual assistants (VAs) to assist them with certain business activities. This can save the company money because they don’t require another full-time employee with benefits to complete the work. As a virtual assistant, you will manage social media, coordinate trips, and manage the schedule.

There are no requirements for becoming a VA. You simply must be good with people and have excellent organizational abilities. You’ll need a computer with a fast internet connection to service your clients.

Personal Coach

A personal trainer assists people in reaching their fitness objectives. You are part fitness master and part motivational expert as a trainer. You assist in the development of workout regimens to assist clients in losing weight, building muscle, or meeting other fitness goals. Certification is crucial if you want to work in a gym. It will also help you establish your credentials and get new clients.

A certification might cost you between $500 and $1,000. Many fitness trainers also have university degrees in kinesiology, which is unnecessary.

Photographer/ Videographer

This is an excellent business for a creative individual with an eye for composition. You can either work as a generalist or specialize as a wedding videographer or family photo session specialist. You don’t need specialized certifications to establish a photography or video production firm.

When starting a videography business, you’ll need an excellent digital camera, lighting, microphones, and bounce boards to get the most incredible quality footage. You will, however, require a high-quality camera and may wish to invest in lighting accessories. You should also create a website displaying your work portfolio to potential clients.

Sewing or alterations

If you live near a bustling Renaissance fair or convention center, you can expect to see many potential consumers dressed up for events at these venues. If you’re good with a thread and needle, you can start a business sewing and altering clothes for people who don’t have the skill or the resources. While modifications may keep you busy, the big money is in custom jobs like dresses and costumes.

You don’t need a certification to work as a seamstress or tailor. You must get a good sewing machine, materials, and tools to work for clients. 


Start with what you’re enthusiastic about and where you already have talents if you’re ready to start a small business. Although you may need to obtain a certification or purchase some tools and equipment, many small enterprises may be launched for less than $1,000.

The world of self-employment might be challenging, but you can develop your firm with a little knowledge and hard work.