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Apple Vision Pro Resolution, Price, Release Date and Hidden Facts

Apple Vision Pro Resolution, Price, Release Date and Hidden Facts

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The headset features several impressive specs, including a pair of micro-OLED displays with a combined resolution of 23 million pixels. This is more than twice the resolution of the Oculus Quest 2, and it’s even more than some high-end gaming monitors.

The high resolution of the Vision Pro displays is sure to be a major selling point for the headset. It will allow users to experience AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) content in stunning detail. 

A high-resolution immersive environment is all you need to walk down memory lane and visit your dream places while staying, maybe in bed.

Oh, BTW, it’s launching early in the year 2024.

Tech Facts About Vision Pro

  • The Apple Vision Pro headset features an ultra-high-resolution display system that packs 23 million pixels across two displays, more than a 4K TV for each eye
  • Have used a brand-new R1 chip for a virtually lag-free, real-time view of the world.
  • The headset has a laminated glass display front, an aluminum frame with a flexible cushion, and an adjustable headband.
  • It also features 12 cameras, six microphones, five sensors for monitoring hand gestures and mapping the environment, plus Lidar depth sensors.
  • There are four infrared cameras and LED lights inside the device.
  • The Vision Pro is primarily MR (mixed reality) headset.
  • It also has a full controller-less system.
  • Optical ID for top-notch privacy.

Problems with Apple Vision Pro

Apple vision pro so far is doing justice with all the buzz it has created, but there are a few concerns that make us wonder if the headset can deliver on its promises.

One concern is the price. 

  • The Vision Pro is expected to cost $3,000 or more, significantly more than other AR/VR headsets. The reason for such hiked price is blamed on its array of cameras, sensors, dual Apple silicon chips, and 4K micro-LED displays.
  • But there are rumors about Apple working on its cheaper version already.

For more details, visit: Apple working on cheaper version of Vision Pro

Another concern is the battery life. 

  • Apple has not yet announced how long the Vision Pro will last on a single charge, but it’s likely to be much shorter than other headsets. Apple products are notorious for it! 
  • But claims are big. According to early statements, Apple’s vision pro battery puck is estimated to be the size of a decent power bank, but battery size says otherwise. Based on the battery size, we can assume that it has a capacity of 6500mAh, which should provide 2 hours of battery life.

One more concern is no game support.

  • Apple has taken an opposite route as compared to other VR headsets. Vision Pro is built for workplaces, not VR gamers thus, you’ll see an external battery and cord lugging around.
  • Despite Apple’s target audience not being gamers, the gaming market remains popular, and headsets like PSVR and Meta Quest are still successful. Whether the Apple Vision Pro will be able to compete in this market remains to be seen.

How Businesses Can Use Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is a powerful new headset that can be used for various business applications. Here are a few examples:

1.    Remote Work: 

Vision Pro can be used for remote collaboration, allowing team members to work together in a shared virtual space. This can be used for brainstorming, design reviews, and training.

2.    Increased productivity: 

Vision Pro can help businesses increase productivity by allowing employees to work more efficiently and effectively. For example, remote collaboration can help teams save time and money by reducing the need for travel.

3.    Improved customer service: 

Vision Pro can help businesses improve customer service by providing a more personalized and immersive experience. For example, customers can feel more connected to a company when they are able to interact with a representative in a virtual space. A customer service representative could use the headset to walk a customer through the steps of troubleshooting a problem.

4.    Enhanced training: 

Vision Pro can help businesses enhance training by providing a more realistic and engaging experience. For example, employees can learn new skills more quickly and easily when they are able to practice in a virtual environment. A manufacturing company could use the headset to train employees on how to operate new machinery etc.

5.     Increased sales: 

Vision Pro can help businesses increase sales by providing a more compelling and persuasive sales pitch. For example, potential customers are more likely to be interested in a product or service when they are able to experience it in a virtual environment. A real estate agent could use the headset to show a potential buyer around a virtual model of a home etc.

Mark Zuckerberg Reviews Apple Vision Pro

Our famous tech guy sounds a bit disappointed in Apple’s new release.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been one of the most vocal proponents of AR/VR technology. He believes AR/VR will be the next major computing platform and hasinvested heavily in developing AR/VR products at Facebook.

However, Zuckerberg has been critical of Apple’s approach to AR/VR.

He has said that Apple is “playing catch-up” to Facebook and has expressed concerns about Apple’s closed ecosystem. He thinks this device to be “unsociable and expensive”.

But Zuckerberg has also praised the Vision Pro’s high resolution. He has said that the headset’s displays are “the best in the industry,” he has expressed confidence that the Vision Pro will be a “major success.”


The Apple Vision Pro is a powerful AR/VR headset with a number of impressive features. The headset’s high-resolution displays are sure to impress users, and the headset’s other features, such as its powerful processor and its built-in cameras, could make it a versatile and powerful tool for both consumers and businesses.

However, the Vision Pro is also a very expensive headset. It’s also unclear how long the headset will last on a single charge. These factors could limit the headset’s appeal to consumers.

Overall, the Apple Vision Pro is a promising AR/VR headset with a lot of potential. However, it remains to be seen whether the headset will be able to live up to its high price tag and its ambitious promises.